faucet repair

Where's That Leak Coming From?

Ask a leaky faucet repair specialist in Niantic, Groton & Norwich, CT

Under every faucet are hot and cold stem units, which are responsible for opening and closing the valves that control your tap water pressure. Worn hardware could be why your faucet is leaking. Save yourself the hassle of a DIY leaky faucet repair job by hiring Robert Cassidy, Jr. Plumbing, and Heating Inc.

Our Niantic, CT-based plumber will...

  • Come to your home as soon as possible
  • Pinpoint the source of your faucet leak
  • Replace your stem units, if needed

We can also replace faucet cartridges and fixtures. Call 860-691-8050 now to schedule leaky faucet repair services.

We'll take a look under your sink

We can pinpoint and put a stop to your leaky kitchen or bathroom faucet. You'll find that relying on a pro in Niantic, Groton & Norwich, CT is much easier than experimenting with do-it-yourself faucet repair.

Our faucet repair services might be more affordable than you think. Contact us today for pricing information.