water heater repair

Out of Hot Water in Niantic, Groton or Norwich, CT?

We can provide fast water heater repair services

Stepping into an ice-cold shower isn't an enjoyable way to start your morning. You won't have to wait around for water heater repair when you hire Robert Cassidy, Jr. Plumbing, and Heating Inc. in Niantic, Groton & Norwich, CT. We'll root out and solve the issue without delay.

Our water heater repair work includes replacing...

  • Faulty heating or boiler parts
  • Burned-out thermostats
  • Leaky drain valves

Call 860-691-8050 now to find out what's causing your water heater issues and how we can solve them.

Don't try this at home

Drain line repair isn't a do-it-yourself project. Repairing your water heater's drain line involves flushing out your water heater and replacing the faulty drain valve. Leave this job to the pros.

Rely on us for prompt drain line repair in the Niantic, Groton & Norwich, CT area. Contact us today to make an appointment.